2E12 (6)

I had also put in an inmate request slip for the work program that week. Despite the fact that I had done it before, my new status – clearance to work by the doctor – necessitated another filing. It’s a good thing, too. I was finding it more difficult as of late to sleep wellContinue reading “2E12 (6)”

2E12 (4)

It’s about noon on the following day, and my bunky has returned to the safety of his bed and his covers. I, unfortunately, have taken to reading trashy novels because my servants continue to obstruct my flow of literature from Amazon.com.  Books, soft cover only, must be sent directly from the publisher/vender, and there isContinue reading “2E12 (4)”

Solano County (Cont-3)

To my delight Shariff was returned that afternoon. It turned out that the surgery had not been as extensive as the doctor had first thought. He was, however, placed in a splint that extended from the mid-upper arm to his wrist, and it was that cast that served as his ticket back to the medicalContinue reading “Solano County (Cont-3)”

Television and No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

We were unable at USA Studios to come up with a project that satisfied the executives (and I soon learned that a lot of ideas, and a lot of shows, never make it to air). I was therefore free of that commitment and interviewed for the job on NBC, a show that was to beContinue reading “Television and No Good Deed Goes Unpunished”

Kanye West’s Lawyer Exposed; Refused to Participate when Client Investigated In Death of Donda West

Dear Sharon: Thank you for your input. I believe the niece’s name is Yolanda Anderson. Thanks for the heads-up. As I noted before, this is a work in progress. I will incorporate that information into the final manuscript. Back to our story: They did it. Brad Rose and his co-conspirators, protected Scoggins and harmed theContinue reading “Kanye West’s Lawyer Exposed; Refused to Participate when Client Investigated In Death of Donda West”

Dr Phil Joins the Mob, Lies, and Engages in Electronic Lynching

Dr. Phil McGraw, who I frankly (and perhaps naively-but come on, he has Oprah’s, and her machine’s, backing) expected more from, and whose arrogance and disregard for the facts apparently knows no limits, went even further. He and his producers, to join the fray (or perhaps more accurately to not be left out) put onContinue reading “Dr Phil Joins the Mob, Lies, and Engages in Electronic Lynching”

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