Daily Life (In the County)

Needless to say, we all hated the move to H mod, but any discussion of an inmate module must first begin with a discussion of the guards, because their personalities, interpretation of the rules, and managerial style determine the pervasive mood and the attitude with which the module functions. It is here I met OfficerContinue reading “Daily Life (In the County)”

I Come to Know My Enviornment (and the People)

On Friday of this week, I believe it was the first Friday of my fourth or possibly fifth month at Solano County, a voice came over the intercom in all its distorted electronic glory and declared that we should all – everyone in the module – roll-up our bedrolls, the entire mod was being moved.Continue reading “I Come to Know My Enviornment (and the People)”

I Come to Know My Enviornment (and the People)

There comes a time in the evolution of any experience when the novelty wears off, and the drudgery sets in. I’m not quite there yet. I haven’t felt or verbalized that I simply have to get out of here, but it is approaching at the speed of light. Lately, I’ve begun to dream, always ofContinue reading “I Come to Know My Enviornment (and the People)”

I Come to Know My Enviornment (and the People)

Those are the days that are most difficult around Solano County.  When someone leaves, and people are leaving all the time one way or another, either discharge from the County, transfer to the state hospital, transfer to the state penitentiary, death, or something, it leaves a void. The time you use to spend hearing aboutContinue reading “I Come to Know My Enviornment (and the People)”

I Come to Know my Enviornment (And the People)

Smitty “sneaked” back in to E mod the following evening, no fanfare, no announcement; just there he was in the back of the day room, sitting quietly looking teary-eyed like a spanked puppy. A lot of his bravado was gone. His normal space at the “head table” close to the TV remote was inhabited byContinue reading “I Come to Know my Enviornment (And the People)”

Unfortunately, I Come to Know My Enviornment and the People

There is a rhythm to life, and life at Solano County is no different. The past couple of weeks, perhaps four to five, have been relatively quiet. I could sense that we were due to have some excitement, if nothing but in the form of a confrontation between two inmates. The source of the frictionContinue reading “Unfortunately, I Come to Know My Enviornment and the People”

The Place I Now Call Home (5)

The past two nights, however, have demonstrated a significant kink in my “spiritual and emotional armor”. I am unable to fight off the negative thoughts, a habit that had served me well. There can be no doubt that the best habit one can develop is the habit of” looking on the better side of things”.Continue reading “The Place I Now Call Home (5)”

The Place I Now Call Home (4)

I must confess that at this moment in my life I do not see a return to medicine. In fact, I see no return to anything that requires interacting with people. Needless to say, solitude and this time alone, has contributed to that. I do not miss them, people. I do not miss trying toContinue reading “The Place I Now Call Home (4)”

The Place I Now Call Home (3)

I have taken – more out of necessity than contrariness – to corresponding less and less with my friends on the outside. It is not so much that I do not miss them – for I most certainly do – but rather as a protection against the psychological warfare inflicted by the Guards. They controlContinue reading “The Place I Now Call Home (3)”

2E12 (7)

Following the evening unlock, as everyone was returning to their suites, there was a great deal of commotion about three cells down at the “single” suites. These were reserved for someone particularly “squirrely” and served to isolate – and protect – some inmates from the general population. In our module the two single rooms wereContinue reading “2E12 (7)”

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