2H- 11 (5)

I was alone again with no prospects in sight. I put the notion of my next bunky out of my mind; it would happen when it happened, and it would be with whoever it would be. I hope it’s a really pretty girl who studies physics and likes to discuss politics. And yeah, let herContinue reading “2H- 11 (5)”

2 H-11 (4)

I took the opportunity to tidy up the cell. Mostly I wanted whatever was not mine to be gone. Larry, though, was not like the others; he took everything. He could use those things back at his abode on the tracks. I settled back into the life of a solitary dweller. I had been offeredContinue reading “2 H-11 (4)”

2H-11 (3)

It didn’t last. That evening, or rather morning, at about 12:30 a.m. I could hear the guard’s keys at the door.  In stepped my new bunky with his bedroll. I didn’t even acknowledge him. I was too sleepy and too resentful.  I had gotten use to being alone in just that short amount of time.Continue reading “2H-11 (3)”


Cell eleven was a mess. It had been vacated so that the nine guys sleeping in the day room had access to a toilet. Needless to say, because they didn’t have to sleep in here, or clean it, they trashed it. The first order of business was to clean and disinfect it, which I didContinue reading “2H-11”

Daily Life (In the County)

As I sat there on my bunk frustrated and steaming, I was blessed with a devine moment: an epiphany. I needed to be less selfish, plain and simple. I am not talking about selfishness in the way we normally think about it, the selfishness of a child. I’m talking about a more insidious form ofContinue reading “Daily Life (In the County)”

Daily Life (In the County) 4

The following day things got worse. Everything came to a head. During the morning “unlock” we are allowed to clean our cells. I always try to have a short conversation with my celly prior to cleaning: first to make sure he’s OK, and secondly – and probably more honestly – to make sure we don’tContinue reading “Daily Life (In the County) 4”

Daily Life (In the County)

The makeup of the mod has become considerably more “Caucasian” as of late. We seem to have been overrun by white guys with very long hair and tattoos everywhere. They are quite clique-ish though they strike me as all nice fellows. They all seem to know each other, and their conversations are dominated by friendsContinue reading “Daily Life (In the County)”

Daily Life (In the County)

As a courtesy, I asked the doctor to take me off his rounds every week. I’m feeling fine and I can monitor the things that need to be watched. I guess I could use it as an excuse to get out of my cage, but I have come to like just being left alone. IContinue reading “Daily Life (In the County)”

Daily Life (In the County)

For the record, there is such a thing as “familiarity breeds contempt.” I have literally reached my limit with my bunky and I am afraid it’s all on my side. He has simply done nothing different, and the things I use to accept or tolerate, I can tolerate no longer. Here’s a guy who sleepsContinue reading “Daily Life (In the County)”

Daily Life (In the County)

The other day –and which day I can’t remember; for they all run together here – I received a letter from my friend Jodi Skinner. I had asked Jodi to periodically put a call in to my mom, just to make sure she’s OK. Jodi had been wonderful about it and in her last letterContinue reading “Daily Life (In the County)”

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