On Saturday, July 25, 2009, at 4:37 p.m., Officer Thompson, during my “frightening anticipatory walk” to collect my dinner tray -and God knows what food- issued a warning, camouflaged as an announcement. “Tomorrow,” he said, “and I’m glad I won’t be here, there are going to be some changes and none of you are goingContinue reading “21-1”

Unfortunately, I Come to Know My Enviornment and the People

There is a rhythm to life, and life at Solano County is no different. The past couple of weeks, perhaps four to five, have been relatively quiet. I could sense that we were due to have some excitement, if nothing but in the form of a confrontation between two inmates. The source of the frictionContinue reading “Unfortunately, I Come to Know My Enviornment and the People”

Solano County (Cont-2)

Jails are local phenomena. I was visiting. The majority of the people were either from Vallejo or Fairfield, California, and either knew or knew of each other. Spencer and a woman on the other side of the wall knew the same people. That was a windfall for him. The connection helped to settle him down.Continue reading “Solano County (Cont-2)”

More From UCLA

I began my career at UCLA as an outcast, a role with which I was actually quite comfortable. It defined pretty much my whole life. I was an outsider at Harvard; I was an outsider at Ohio State; and there was no reason for this to start out any differently. Everyone was uncertain of exactlyContinue reading “More From UCLA”

Kanye West’s Own Lawyers Protect the Individual the Coroner Says Was Negligent in His Mother’s Death

And that is perhaps what is most bothersome to me about this whole episode:not only were people jumping to “delusions” without the benefit of the facts, but more importantly, that the people leading the procession, were professionals, lawyers no less. I expected more from them.  What were the “litigation lawyers for the estate of DondaContinue reading “Kanye West’s Own Lawyers Protect the Individual the Coroner Says Was Negligent in His Mother’s Death”

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