“What exactly did it say?” I asked. “You’re not trying to do something stupid that’s going to get you in more trouble are you?” “It just had Sheila’s address and phone number….and…well…it told him what I’d give him if he could get her not to come to court: $600 dollars, a cell phone, a television.”Continue reading “19-2”


I have grown impatient with Danny V- it’s frighteningly easy to do- and I fear that in spite of my efforts to be fair, or to understand his predicament, I have latched onto the side of him that is grotesquely unlikeable. I find myself more willing to talk at him (rather than with him) inContinue reading “19-1”

2H 11 (8)

Danny V didn’t even acknowledge hearing me. “You’re leaving here soon, right?” he asked without any reference to my last statement. It was as if I had not said anything. “I hope so.” “And you know a lot of people.” “I guess I know a lot of people, why?” “Maybe,” he started, “Maybe you canContinue reading “2H 11 (8)”

2H-11 (7)

There was silence. Danny V by now had retreated to his bunk and with that question began to stare off into the distance, his eyes glazed over, showing no particular focus. “Dallas had been correct” I thought. “This guy is suicidal.” “Look,” I said, “I don’t know if you’re telling the truth or not; theContinue reading “2H-11 (7)”

2H-11 (6)

One thing was certain, though. I needed to wake up more than I needed to sleep. I was getting much too comfortable with my surroundings. This is a very dangerous place with a lot of very dangerous people. I need to never lose sight of that. I need never to forget that; not even forContinue reading “2H-11 (6)”

2H- 11 (5)

I was alone again with no prospects in sight. I put the notion of my next bunky out of my mind; it would happen when it happened, and it would be with whoever it would be. I hope it’s a really pretty girl who studies physics and likes to discuss politics. And yeah, let herContinue reading “2H- 11 (5)”

2 H-11 (4)

I took the opportunity to tidy up the cell. Mostly I wanted whatever was not mine to be gone. Larry, though, was not like the others; he took everything. He could use those things back at his abode on the tracks. I settled back into the life of a solitary dweller. I had been offeredContinue reading “2 H-11 (4)”

2H-11 (3)

It didn’t last. That evening, or rather morning, at about 12:30 a.m. I could hear the guard’s keys at the door.  In stepped my new bunky with his bedroll. I didn’t even acknowledge him. I was too sleepy and too resentful.  I had gotten use to being alone in just that short amount of time.Continue reading “2H-11 (3)”


Cell 11 really isn’t any warmer than cell 9, and the advantages of the move don’t seem as monumental as the instant I made the decision. There is indeed a better view of the TV, but then what’s on isn’t that interesting anyway so I wasn’t really missing that much. I’ll make the best ofContinue reading “2H-11”

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