There are no secrets in Solano County Jail, no matter how well they are guarded, and the next morning, a new arrival, a black guy who I had yet to have a conversation with, sat down at a table beside mine. “Excuse me, brother,” he said. “Can I ask you something?” I nodded but wasContinue reading “21-5”


At approximately 9:30 a.m. on the 1st of August, the tower guard appeared on the intercom. “Adams, you have a visitor.” Turned out it was a former patient of mine who in every sense of the word, except etiquette, had become a friend. Iris, Iris Seigel, was someone who I grew to like because IContinue reading “21-3”


I have also become increasingly concerned, almost wary of, a colleague of mine here at Solano County.  He boasts that his heritage is black, Indian (American), Portuguese, and white. With that, ‘hybrid vigor” has indeed produced an attractive kid, but his incarceration has increasingly challenged his personality and his mental health. He spends his entireContinue reading “21-2”


The next morning at “unlock,” Sean, my colleague from the cell next door, sat down at the table in front of my door facing the television. In a whisper he began, “Dude,” he said to me, “Did you hear that last night?” Did I hear it? Who could not?  It began as a single thumpContinue reading “20-4”


At “unlock” I told Dallas I needed to talk with him and immediately he got defensive. “Is everything all right? Did I do something wrong?” “No,” I assured him. “I just want to run something by you. It’s all good.” But it wasn’t all good. I wanted to talk with him about his interaction withContinue reading “20-3”


Frankly, I hadn’t expected to see “the old man” back so soon. Oh, I fully expected him to return to jail, just not so soon after his departure. The proof was all over him when he left. He was angry that the paperwork had delayed his discharge, and his immediate plans at that time includedContinue reading “20-1”


And that’s the hard part about being here. It’s seeing all the waste – in fact, it’s being a part of it – and sitting here as more and more negative thoughts about yourself, choices made, your life, whatever bubble up and claim a place in your consciousness. I think it’s fair to say I’mContinue reading “19-6”


Mr Johnson returned with a stack of papers, the patient’s chart. He attempted to hand them to me, not realizing that with my arms cuffed to my side I couldn’t reach to take them. “Oh,” he said, “I’m sorry, I forgot,” and he moved closer to hand me the papers. I placed them beside meContinue reading “19-5”


A few minutes later, Powell came to the door and called me over. “You’re going to have to go down and tell them that you’re not doing it yourself. Stand over there and face the window.” I walked to the wall and turned to Powell, “Let me be clear,” I said. “I’m not refusing, it’sContinue reading “19-4”


At the break, I told the C/O, Officer Stewart, that I needed to talk with him. Toward the end of “unlock” he called me over to his desk. “Look,” I said, “I need to get another bunky. This guy is creating a lot of problems. I don’t want to be a part of it. IContinue reading “19-3”

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