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But tonight’s death, sleep that is, was slow in coming. I tossed and turned, fighting to find comfort not so much for my body but for my mind. I have unfortunately, been adequately socialized to the routine at Solano County. Since I could not sleep no longer, I lay awake in the darkness listening toContinue reading “25-5”


The sad case in here is the rapist’s ex-celly, a young man who was discharged from the service after having spent time in Iraq. He is suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome, and has simply been unable to find his way. The word around the campfire is that he doesn’t even know why he is here.Continue reading “25-4”


I believe I’m actually less than a week away from my release date. At least that is the rumor though I’ve had no official indication as such. Inmates aren’t afforded a lot of information, and then only on a need to know basis. I am careful not to get my hopes up. At first IContinue reading “25-3”


In this instance, he was impatient, and he was desperately trying to get the phones turned on at “unlock”. The rule is simple: the phones do not come on until all doors are shut, period. (Now, clearly there is no intellectual or safety reason for it, it’s just procedure.) Of course his cell door wasContinue reading “24-3”


Cell 11 really isn’t any warmer than cell 9, and the advantages of the move don’t seem as monumental as the instant I made the decision. There is indeed a better view of the TV, but then what’s on isn’t that interesting anyway so I wasn’t really missing that much. I’ll make the best ofContinue reading “2H-11”

Daily Life (In the County)

The makeup of the mod has become considerably more “Caucasian” as of late. We seem to have been overrun by white guys with very long hair and tattoos everywhere. They are quite clique-ish though they strike me as all nice fellows. They all seem to know each other, and their conversations are dominated by friendsContinue reading “Daily Life (In the County)”

Daily Life (In the County)

As a courtesy, I asked the doctor to take me off his rounds every week. I’m feeling fine and I can monitor the things that need to be watched. I guess I could use it as an excuse to get out of my cage, but I have come to like just being left alone. IContinue reading “Daily Life (In the County)”

Transfer: 2M to 2E (4)

People watching became a treat for me. This place was overrun with characters and the group on the upper tier was extremely interesting. They were younger and wilder than us older guys on the bottom tier. Their “unlock” was alternated with ours each day. This was done to limit the number of guys in theContinue reading “Transfer: 2M to 2E (4)”

Solano County (Cont-3)

To my delight Shariff was returned that afternoon. It turned out that the surgery had not been as extensive as the doctor had first thought. He was, however, placed in a splint that extended from the mid-upper arm to his wrist, and it was that cast that served as his ticket back to the medicalContinue reading “Solano County (Cont-3)”

Two Lessons I’ve Learned

Solano County is in northern California but I spent the weekend prior to my date of surrender in Log Angeles at the home of my close friend, Wynn Katz. Wynn was particularly concerned about this whole thing and from my perspective it was important to alleviate his fears. On Saturday afternoon we had lunch atContinue reading “Two Lessons I’ve Learned”