More From UCLA

I began my career at UCLA as an outcast, a role with which I was actually quite comfortable. It defined pretty much my whole life. I was an outsider at Harvard; I was an outsider at Ohio State; and there was no reason for this to start out any differently. Everyone was uncertain of exactlyContinue reading “More From UCLA”

More From The University of Michigan

One of the biggest problems for any resident is getting everything done each day. There are people to see, things to read (to make sure that you were on top of patient care), and then there was the busy work, including the dictating of charts. It is the administrative work that would come back toContinue reading “More From The University of Michigan”

University of Michigan

The University of Michigan was simply awesome. Physicians learn most of what they need to know about being a doctor after medical school and formal training. That is a fact. While medical school gives you a platform, it’s the interaction that you get from patients and other physicians that truly gives you your expertise. WhileContinue reading “University of Michigan”

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