Unfortunately, I Come to Know My Enviornment and the People

There is a rhythm to life, and life at Solano County is no different. The past couple of weeks, perhaps four to five, have been relatively quiet. I could sense that we were due to have some excitement, if nothing but in the form of a confrontation between two inmates. The source of the frictionContinue reading “Unfortunately, I Come to Know My Enviornment and the People”

Solano County Jail

There were rooms, one on each side, off the foyer.  Things seemed to be happening there, but I could not see for sure what was going on. That was the first thing I was to learn about Solano County. Things always happened just outside of ones ability to see and document them. Inside the building,Continue reading “Solano County Jail”

Senate Business and Professions Committee: The Power Behind the Slander

My full time return to West LA was wonderful. I had been recruited by Payam Afsharian, who had purchased Brentwood Surgery Center and was looking for clients to use the facility. I was able to bring my own surgical staff, including an anesthesiologist and scrub tech, but more importantly, I also got Payam and hisContinue reading “Senate Business and Professions Committee: The Power Behind the Slander”

Television and No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

We were unable at USA Studios to come up with a project that satisfied the executives (and I soon learned that a lot of ideas, and a lot of shows, never make it to air). I was therefore free of that commitment and interviewed for the job on NBC, a show that was to beContinue reading “Television and No Good Deed Goes Unpunished”

More From UCLA

I began my career at UCLA as an outcast, a role with which I was actually quite comfortable. It defined pretty much my whole life. I was an outsider at Harvard; I was an outsider at Ohio State; and there was no reason for this to start out any differently. Everyone was uncertain of exactlyContinue reading “More From UCLA”


However, “the real game”, the game of life, was just beginning. I was also looking at what to do next. Do I go home to private practice? Do I continue on? Having been accepted to the University of Michigan training program meant that you would somehow go into academic medicine. No one said it, noContinue reading “UCLA”

More From The University of Michigan

One of the biggest problems for any resident is getting everything done each day. There are people to see, things to read (to make sure that you were on top of patient care), and then there was the busy work, including the dictating of charts. It is the administrative work that would come back toContinue reading “More From The University of Michigan”

More From Hurlbut 45

As I began to write this  post, I hesitated. Why were things I was now sharing important to the story? I began to feel as if I might be rambling. I took a step back and thought long and hard about it.  These things became important to me because of how the press handled it.Continue reading “More From Hurlbut 45”

More From Hurlbut 45

My first task the following morning was t0 find the football stadium. Ralph Goldston, the black coach on Harvard’s staff, had come to my house in Middletown, Ohio, recruiting. I liked him and appreciated their interest in me. This also served as a source of comfort.  Football had been my life, my anchor, up until now, andContinue reading “More From Hurlbut 45”

Hurlbut 45

My mom and I packed three large bags, none of which matched the others, in preparation for my trip to Boston and ultimately on to Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Harvard. I had been away from home before, once to visit my grandfather in Atlantic City, and another time for pretty much the entire summer in aContinue reading “Hurlbut 45”

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