Self-Pity is Always a Mistake

Frankly, I was “as guilty as hell” of doing exactly that which the people of the State of California and the Solano County prosecutor alleged. I had driven an automobile under the influence of alcohol, a misdemeanor.  I, alone, had made the decision to patronize “1515”, a very fashionable restaurant in Walnut Creek, California, andContinue reading “Self-Pity is Always a Mistake”

Television and No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

We were unable at USA Studios to come up with a project that satisfied the executives (and I soon learned that a lot of ideas, and a lot of shows, never make it to air). I was therefore free of that commitment and interviewed for the job on NBC, a show that was to beContinue reading “Television and No Good Deed Goes Unpunished”

University of Michigan

The University of Michigan was simply awesome. Physicians learn most of what they need to know about being a doctor after medical school and formal training. That is a fact. While medical school gives you a platform, it’s the interaction that you get from patients and other physicians that truly gives you your expertise. WhileContinue reading “University of Michigan”


It actually speaks to one of my core beliefs, and a philosophy that my mother instilled in me at a very young age. It speaks to education and integrity. I am fiecrcely independent and I make no excuses for it. While it serves as my strength, it also functions as my weakness. In times suchContinue reading “TMZ, CNN, ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, AND DR. PHIL DENIED DONDA WEST THE JUSTICE MICHAEL JACKSON IS GETTING NOW”

Dr Jan’s Blog Novel-Correcting the Record

The advantage of a book, over a print article or video, is perspective. Books allow the author both time and space to develop, clarify, and present his, or her, story. It also allows the reader ample time to process the data. Does what I am reading make sense? Are the figures clear and precise? Whose version ofContinue reading “Dr Jan’s Blog Novel-Correcting the Record”

Dr Jan’s Blog Novel-Correcting the record

 Chapter 2. I had suggested to the Sheriff’s Officer and the family of Ms. West that night at the hospital that an autopsy would be in the family’s best interest. We had to find out what exactly had happened to Donda. That is what people, who have done no wrong and have nothing to hide, do.Continue reading “Dr Jan’s Blog Novel-Correcting the record”

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