2E12 (2)

Solano County can be peaceful too. The early mornings are particularly quiet, that is until breakfast arrives. We forgo the traditional prayer before a meal, the traditional prayer of thanksgiving. Our meals were usually preceded by a chorus throughout the module of “What the fuck is this?” None of it was even remotely recognizable. MealtimeContinue reading “2E12 (2)”

2E12 (3)

But paradise is also gained as well as lost, and one can find joy in the most unlikely of places. At my “unlock” that afternoon, who should I see sitting there but Leonard. And it turns out the jokes on all of us. Leonard had been right all along.  He wasn’t confused. He HAD beenContinue reading “2E12 (3)”


Despite my ability to control the focus of my mind, there were times when melancholy and a sense of sadness would overtake me. It generally occurred in the night. I could neither read nor write any longer because all the power had been shut off from the guard tower; no power, no lights; no lights, noContinue reading “2E12”

Transfer: 2M to 2E (5)

On Thursday nights the chaplain visits and roughly 20 of the 28 members of the module attend a bible study program. I must confess that I do not attend formally, but because it takes place right outside my door, I have the advantage of attending without ever leaving the warmth of my bunk. I alsoContinue reading “Transfer: 2M to 2E (5)”

Solano County (Cont-5)

At night we could still hear him through the walls. Grunting and humming with every breath, talking with an imaginary friend, explosive bouts of gas, and then silence as the sequence repeated itself. Gerald was replaced by a chubby white guy about 5’10”, 210 lbs. His right arm was in a sling from rotator cuffContinue reading “Solano County (Cont-5)”

Solano County (Cont-4)

Over breakfast our new celly apologized for his evening. He apparently already knew it was going to be like that, but was powerless to do anything about it. He assured us though that he would sleep through the day. I however was comfortable with my routine and was not interested in having my sleep patternContinue reading “Solano County (Cont-4)”

Solano County (Cont-2)

Jails are local phenomena. I was visiting. The majority of the people were either from Vallejo or Fairfield, California, and either knew or knew of each other. Spencer and a woman on the other side of the wall knew the same people. That was a windfall for him. The connection helped to settle him down.Continue reading “Solano County (Cont-2)”

Solano County (Cont-1)

I dressed in my “prison stripes” and when done exited the room. The guard was waiting for me outside the doorway. I was instructed to stand facing the wall to my left.  It seemed to me that you spend a lot of time facing the wall in here. A chain was once again wrapped aroundContinue reading “Solano County (Cont-1)”

Solano County Jail

There were rooms, one on each side, off the foyer.  Things seemed to be happening there, but I could not see for sure what was going on. That was the first thing I was to learn about Solano County. Things always happened just outside of ones ability to see and document them. Inside the building,Continue reading “Solano County Jail”

From Holding Cell to the Big House-It’s Just a Bus Ride

The holding cell was a large enclosed room with no windows and the walls were cement cylinder blocks.  The room was 21 blocks high, approximately 14 feet; 18 blocks long, about 27 feet, and 7 to 8 blocks wide, 12 feet.  In the far corner of the room, opposite the doorway was a short wallContinue reading “From Holding Cell to the Big House-It’s Just a Bus Ride”

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