Transfer: 2M to 2E (5)

On Thursday nights the chaplain visits and roughly 20 of the 28 members of the module attend a bible study program. I must confess that I do not attend formally, but because it takes place right outside my door, I have the advantage of attending without ever leaving the warmth of my bunk. I alsoContinue reading “Transfer: 2M to 2E (5)”

Remembering the Early Years

My first recollection of Middletown, Ohio, where I grew up really began at about four years of age. By that time, my parents had separated. I had an infant baby sister, and I was living on Baltimore Street with my grandmother and my mother’s younger siblings, Sonny, Ritchie, and Tido, all in their teens. TheContinue reading “Remembering the Early Years”

Dr Jan’s BlogNovel-Correcting the Record

Her return seemed almost instantaneous and her arrival continued to be marked by more “fidgeting” in the kitchen, which seemed much louder than it needed to be. I could hear her “duct-taping” the garbage bags closed as she prepared them for disposal- a habit of hers. I am sure our garbage men believed these people haveContinue reading “Dr Jan’s BlogNovel-Correcting the Record”

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