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But tonight’s death, sleep that is, was slow in coming. I tossed and turned, fighting to find comfort not so much for my body but for my mind. I have unfortunately, been adequately socialized to the routine at Solano County. Since I could not sleep no longer, I lay awake in the darkness listening toContinue reading “25-5”


My mind continues to work overtime in anticipation of my future. I worry and obsess… and not in a good way. It is not about details, I’m not in that frame of mind; I’m more in a panic mode than anywhere near the clarity one needs to get into specifics. I’m not sleeping well andContinue reading “23-1”

Self-Pity is Always a Mistake

Frankly, I was “as guilty as hell” of doing exactly that which the people of the State of California and the Solano County prosecutor alleged. I had driven an automobile under the influence of alcohol, a misdemeanor.  I, alone, had made the decision to patronize “1515”, a very fashionable restaurant in Walnut Creek, California, andContinue reading “Self-Pity is Always a Mistake”

Dr Jan’s Blog Novel-Correcting the Record

Following my conversation with Frank Valine, I was under the misguided impression that these people at the Medical Board of California and I were on the same side. I wanted to find some answers before making a judgement and I thought they did too. They, I soon learned, had no intention of being helpful or fair:Continue reading “Dr Jan’s Blog Novel-Correcting the Record”