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About Jan Adams

Jan R. Adams M.D., plastic surgeon, author, TV personality, lecturer, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur, attended Harvard University and the Ohio State University College of Medicine. His post-graduate medical training included the general surgery residency at the Lenox Hill Hospital, the Cornell University affiliate, in New York City, where he served as the Chief surgical resident. He completed his residency in Plastic Surgery at the University of Michigan and a one year fellowship in Aesthetic Surgery at UCLA School of Medicine. He then served as a Clinical Instructor in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at UCLA Hospitals.

Dr. Jan began his TV career as an on-air correspondent on EXTRA, the entertainment magazine show, and later co-hosted NBC’s THE OTHER HALF, a male version of THE VIEW, along with Dick Clark, Danny Bonaduce, and Mario Lopez. Dr. Jan also hosted COSMETIC SURGERY LIVE, a “television event” in the United Kingdom and, for five years, was the face and authority of Discovery Health Channel’s PLASTIC SURGERY: BEFORE AND AFTER, consistently one of the highest rated series on the network. He has appeared on numerous TV shows including OPRAH, SALLY, and as an expert contributor for ABC, MSNBC, and CNN.

In 2000 he published his first book, “EVERYTHING WOMEN OF COLOR SHOULD KNOW ABOUT COSMETIC SURGERY”. This was followed in 2005 by the launch of his TOTAL SKIN CARE SYSTEM FOR WOMEN OF COLOR in all 5400 Walgreens stores. One year later, the “MEN OF COLOR” Skin care System was introduced into 1200 of Walgreens ethnic stores.

At the present time, Dr. Jan is back in the laboratory putting the finishing touches on a line of therapeutic hair care products for the ethnic market. He blogs at and www.Greenbuilding/clean . His Curriculum Vitae is available on request.

5 thoughts on “About Jan Adams

  1. I spent several years with you are Lenox Hill and I must tell you that you were one of the finest, the most articulate, and talented surgical residents I worked with. I was always glad when you were on call. Be healthy and strong Jan. You are an exceptional human being on many levels.


  2. I really want to have the contact for Dr. Jan Adams; I have been looking for news about him. It’s so important form me please who ever read this help me to find him.
    We all do mistakes and we all need second chances; I know Dr. Adams has learnt from his mistakes and now it’s time for him to help others to do the same. I know he will help many that is why I need him.
    Thank you all for your help,


  3. I never had a problem with Dr. Adams. The bad publicity about him is very unfortunate and probably biased because of the celebrity status of Kanye West. I am not a woman of color and that meant nothing to me at the time and still does not. A well known Newport Beach plastic surgeon actually told me that whoever performed my surgery did a very professional job. I wish Dr. Adams well.


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