Kanye West’s Lawyer Exposed; Refused to Participate when Client Investigated In Death of Donda West

Dear Sharon: Thank you for your input. I believe the niece’s name is Yolanda Anderson. Thanks for the heads-up. As I noted before, this is a work in progress. I will incorporate that information into the final manuscript.

Back to our story:

They did it. Brad Rose and his co-conspirators, protected Scoggins and harmed the estate of Donda West by first controlling the media and the dialogue surrounding her death, and secondly by manipulating the authorities and pointing the finger at an innocent doctor. There is no other way to look at it.

I wanted to believe that they, the attorneys, were fooled into this behavior. I had been fair and forthright with Rose and the family. I wanted to believe that they were misled by information passed on to them by Stephan Scoggins. He was, afterall protecting his butt. The reality however is that they weren’t. They were willing participants and the savagery of their assault demonstrates their resolve. Their subsequent behavior confirms their active participation. 

I, on the other hand, was “circling the drain”. This book began as a way for me to deal with what was happening. Being constantly bombarded with lies, made even me, question the truth. I sat down to write, to make certain that I kept the facts straight in the event I ever needed to reproduce them. I won’t (it’ll never go to court), but it is my hope that the people who think they got away, realize that we all see them for whom they are, and Donda West, my patient, will be heard.

The lawyers for the West family, particularly Brad Rose objects to me telling my side. It is not so much that he cares about Donda West or her privacy rights, as it is that my story exposes his misconduct. And he is right. This is not a story about Donda West. No doctor-patient privilege will be violated. This is about what other people did. It is about a cover-up being worst than the crime. It is about correcting the record. 

When he learned that I was telling my side he immediately wrote the publisher to threaten them (Rose/Atlas Letter). Rose did not write me mind you because I do not fear his threats; and let’s face it, I have truth and time on my side.

It is certainly his right to threaten who he wishes, but his explanation of his behavior is quite inaccurate. It’s what I like to call, lies. Rose simply makes assertions that he long ago knew not to be true, so I challenged him on it. There is no “doctor-patient privilege” between him and me (Reply to Rose/Atlas Books Letter).

They pressured the publisher, Atlas Books, Inc., an innocent bystander, who eventually backed out of the deal because they did not want the threatened expense of litigation. The fear is not that Rose was right, or might prevail; the fear is in spending time and money. I get it.

Rose simply didn’t want the truth out there. I of course responded. As far as I was concerned nothing in Mr. Rose’s letter to Atlas books was accurate, and I was tired of them repeating the same old lies.I had not violated physician-patient privilege at any time, the Medical Board of California had not warned me about anything (which I have already documented) and if I had, the Medical Board of California, I am sure, would have responded. But again, they didn’t and haven’t.

Also, since people like Rose operate best in the dark, behind the cover of lies, I forward copies to everyone involved including Matt Wurster, the CEO of Atlas Books, Inc.; my attorney Tom Byrne; Rene Threadgill and Barb Johnston of the MBC; Richard Marino, deputy Attorney General, State of California; Tom Ferbers, Managing Partner, Pryor Cashman LLP.; and Rebeca V. Taub, New York Bar Association.

What was Rose trying to hide?

 Besides the facts, this: an article like the one written by Angie Anthony in November 28, 2008 (What Brad Rose was Trying to Hide).

In the article, she offers nothing new, but makes an observation: “Dr. Adams, who had operated on West, was cleared of responsibility in her death”, but more importantly that “Donda West was in the care of a registered nurse, Stephan Scoggins, 46, Donda West’s nephew and cousin of Kanye West. Stephan Scoggins’ role was to supervise the post-surgery care of his aunt”.

The reason that is significant (and the icing on the cake demonstrating Rose’s misconduct) is that also, at that time, I received a call from Cristina Vazquez, Investigator, Department of Consumer Affairs, the Nursing Board of California. She was forwarding a “subpoena” to my office requesting records (Investigative Subpoena/C. Vazquez).

 “Don’t you think that’s a bit heavy handed? “ I asked. “All you need to do is get the family to sign a release and I’ll forward them to you. Why do we have to involve the courts? Besides, Robin Hollis, also an investigator with Consumer Affairs already brought one by signed by Kanye West, undated I might add, but a release nonetheless. She has the records.”

“We know that Dr. Adams, but procedure requires that we get our own. We tried going through the family and the lawyers but they refuse to help.”

 (Read that again:”We tried going through the family and the lawyers but they refused to help.)

“They have been ignoring us for a couple of months, so we had to go through the courts.”

“What do you mean?” I asked. “They signed complaints, requesting records more than three or four times. Everyone of them have copies. Rose has copies. McPherson has copies. They filed complaints through an attorney named Harwell with the MBC, certainly he has copies.”

“That’s when you were being investigated” she said. You have been cleared. We’re investigating the Coroner’s complaint about Mr. Scoggins.”

(Read that again also: “We’re investigating the Coroner’s complaint about Mr. Scoggins.”)

That’s what Oprah calls an “AaaaHaaaah moment!”

“So what you’re telling me is that now that you guys have gotten around to the facts, the family and their lawyers don’t want to play ball. They are refusing to participate in the investigation”.

“It certainly seems that way.” (Turns out that in September of 2008, after receiving the complaint from the coroner, the Nursing Board of California, a State law enforcement agency, had attempted to obtain a signed release of records by contacting Kanye West through Ms. Alison Finley, his attorney (who, by the way, hired Rose) and Ms. Michelynn Woodard, his publicist. Ms. Vazquez had not received a response from either one of these people, and that explained the necessity for the subpoena: (Reason For Subpoena).

Just so we’re clear, these are lawyers ignoring a request from a law enforcement agency. Pay particular attention to the last paragraph of Ms. Vazquez’s explanation. It would appear that the reason our legal system doesn’t work is because the lawyers don’t respect it.

These people had been working overtime to suppress the truth, not only from the authorities and the media, but from Kanye West himself, all the while collecting money from him to pay their fees. Yet the person they were protecting was the person the Coroner implicated in the death of this man’s mother.

I was “flabbergasted”. I couldn’t believe it. It seemed no one really cared about what had happened to Donda West, but me.

And then I had my “AaaaHaaaah” moment. These people were horrible and I was never going to convince them to do the right thing. If I was to find any resolution, it was time I looked where I should have looked from the start: inside me.

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