Basketball, Unconditional Love, and Freedom

At the end of the football season, I joined the freshman basketball team. I had shown up late for “tryouts”. Football season did not end until two weeks into the basketball season. Coach Harvey, a man I immediately liked and respected, gave me a shot. He first discussed it with the team and, through consensus, IContinue reading “Basketball, Unconditional Love, and Freedom”

More From Hurlbut 45

My first task the following morning was t0 find the football stadium. Ralph Goldston, the black coach on Harvard’s staff, had come to my house in Middletown, Ohio, recruiting. I liked him and appreciated their interest in me. This also served as a source of comfort.  Football had been my life, my anchor, up until now, andContinue reading “More From Hurlbut 45”

Hurlbut 45

My mom and I packed three large bags, none of which matched the others, in preparation for my trip to Boston and ultimately on to Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Harvard. I had been away from home before, once to visit my grandfather in Atlantic City, and another time for pretty much the entire summer in aContinue reading “Hurlbut 45”

From Middletown High to “Project 600” to Harvard College!

In February of my sophomore year at Middletown High, Middletown’s racism reared its ugly head. During football season, it was traditional for us to select homecoming queen candidates. The problem was that in a school where there were 700 kids in a class and only 50 of them black, the black girls never had an opportunityContinue reading “From Middletown High to “Project 600” to Harvard College!”

High School Life was not all about Sports

In grade school and junior high I played on the basketball team as well, but that ended after my sophomore year in high school. It was the age of specialization and prudence dictated that I concentrate on football. If I was to play regularly, I needed to do the work that it took to getContinue reading “High School Life was not all about Sports”

Contrary to the Reports; My Life did not end, nor begin, with the death of Donda West

My paternal grandmother, Alberta, moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, and that’s where she met my grandfather, Edward Adams, who had come north from Alabama. I never met Edward Adams and no one ever really talked about him. By the time I was born, Edward had died and my grandmother had remarried Pearlman Hicks, the only GrandpaContinue reading “Contrary to the Reports; My Life did not end, nor begin, with the death of Donda West”

Remembering the Early Years

My first recollection of Middletown, Ohio, where I grew up really began at about four years of age. By that time, my parents had separated. I had an infant baby sister, and I was living on Baltimore Street with my grandmother and my mother’s younger siblings, Sonny, Ritchie, and Tido, all in their teens. TheContinue reading “Remembering the Early Years”

Dr Jan’s BlogNovel-Correcting the Record

Her return seemed almost instantaneous and her arrival continued to be marked by more “fidgeting” in the kitchen, which seemed much louder than it needed to be. I could hear her “duct-taping” the garbage bags closed as she prepared them for disposal- a habit of hers. I am sure our garbage men believed these people haveContinue reading “Dr Jan’s BlogNovel-Correcting the Record”

Quicksand: The Unfortunate Death of Donda West (was only the beginning)!

Those are the facts and they are indisputable! They also show how people, some in the press and others in administrative positions in the government, manipulate the truth and mislead the public.  However, that is not our story; nor is it is not the end of mine. In reality, it is only the beginning. My story is about triumph.Continue reading “Quicksand: The Unfortunate Death of Donda West (was only the beginning)!”

Kanye West’s Lawyer Exposed; Refused to Participate when Client Investigated In Death of Donda West

Dear Sharon: Thank you for your input. I believe the niece’s name is Yolanda Anderson. Thanks for the heads-up. As I noted before, this is a work in progress. I will incorporate that information into the final manuscript. Back to our story: They did it. Brad Rose and his co-conspirators, protected Scoggins and harmed theContinue reading “Kanye West’s Lawyer Exposed; Refused to Participate when Client Investigated In Death of Donda West”

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