Dr Jan’s Blog Novel-Correcting the Record

Had Harvey Levin gotten his information from a conversation with me, he would have known the facts published in the coroner’s report. He would have known that there was no “mystery condition”. He would have known that a few months prior to her consultation with me, that my patient, as documented by the coroner, had been evaluated at Cedar Sinai Hospital for an episode of what she described as “chest pain”. He would have known that this patient, as indicated in the coroner’s report that is published on his own website, underwent a complete workup, including labs, X-rays, ECG’s, consultations with specialists, and the granddaddy of them all: a treadmill stress test.

He would have known that after all that, she was discharged with no medications, no follow-up, no heart disease, no lung disease, and no “medical condition”.

And for the record, he would have known as I have come to believe, that his Dr. Aboolian is a dishonorable, amoral, lying, publicity seeking moron, who is nothing more than a maggot trying to cash in on a disaster he was impotent to create.

 (I also can refer any of the authorities to the pulmologist in Beverly Hills to whom Dr. Aboolian says he referred this patient for preoperative clearance. I talked with him. I wasn’t interested in his analysis. I had examined the patient myself. I did, however, want to know why he hadn’t spoken up. He had the facts, knew I was being wronged, and said nothing. Even the most foul wrong, needs a disinterested virtue to sustain it.

I will offer though that on the surface, the pulmologist seemed a good guy, and I understood his predicament. I reassured him that I would not bring his name up in the matter (and so I haven’t). As a pulmologists however, he did confirm that at he time of his examination her lungs were clear, but that he would not comment on her heart: he is, afterall,  not a cardiologist.

If I read him correctly, he was troubled by doctors second-guessing other doctors in public without the benefit of the facts. That’s a further indication he should have spoken up as far as I am concerned.)

Back to our transscripts:

  Harvey Levin: So he sent her home and she died.

 Harvey Levin was wrong again. Donda West didn’t go home and die. She had more than a day to demonstrate her displeasure that her nephew had not done what he was “contracted” to do. According to Diana Pinckney, a member of Dr. West’s entourage upon discharge from Brentwood Surgery Center, “Donda was very angry when she arrived home because Stephan (Scoggins) had not gotten any of the things he said he would. There was no bed, no monitors, nothing.”  This is the fact that neither Brad Rose, “the litigation attorney”, nor Stephan Scoggins, the nephew, ever wanted anyone to hear.

      Furthermore, according to Scoggins’s own admission documented in the Coroner’s report; “She was in pain and was medicated with Vicodin in the morning, the decedent stated that she felt better and was able to ambulate without assistance. Mr. Scoggins stated that the decedent appeared to be doing well so he left for the day with the intention to return and spend the night with his aunt.”

          Here is the problem: Stephan Scoggins is a medical professional, an experienced nurse with an advanced degree. He makes the decision to leave his aunt alone 12 hours after surgery, with narcotics on board, in a house where there are no other health care professionals, none of the monitoring equipment he was contracted to get for her recovery, fails to get another nurse to cover for him and doesn’t alert the doctor.

Harvey Levin had certainly talked with Scoggins and Rose (that’s where he was getting his inaccurate information), but none of this, (that is, the facts that were all to telling about the truth) appeared in his reporting.

            To the untrained eye, the statement by Harvey Levin that “he sent her home and she died” was the climax to his appearance on Larry King Live. It wasn’t. In fact, my belief is that Harvey had looked so lost and unprofessional not because he was off point and needed guidance from Larry. Harvey was off point because the story Larry was trying to develop was not the story Harvey wanted to tell. Harvey Levin didn’t come to tell the story of his conversation with Donda West’s doctor, or for that matter to tell Donda West’s story. He didn’t have that conversation with Donda West’s doctor. Harvey Levin couldn’t care less about her or her family.

            Harvey wanted the camera pointed at himself, and he wanted to sling mud. And when it became evident to Larry King that Harvey had nothing to offer, no insight from the doctor who had actually worked on Donda West, Harvey panicked. He returned to who he is: not the informed insider getting the story no one else could get, but the naïve dupe who got it wrong.

 Harvey Levin’s actions and his reporting have led directly to the person being most responsible for the death of Donda West to walk away scot-free without any scrutiny from the authorities, or the press. As a journalist he has committed the ultimate sin.

            Harvey Levin’s reporting directly denied Donda West (and her son), the true victims in this affair, the possibility of any justice. He told the story wrong and got the rest of the herd to follow him. I, my staff, and the surgery center were cleared of any wrongdoing by the coroner and the experts (despite all the mud being thrown). Harvey didn’t report that either.

            And when the light was being turned –off of him, in the manner of a selfish, mean little child, Harvey started to pout and lash-out, pointing the finger everywhere but at himself for getting the story wrong.

But even with that don’t be too hard on Harvey Levin. He is only a pawn in this affair. He has no power to effect the political fallout that followed. Ask yourself: If the authorities had all this information up front, why did it take two months for an autopsy? Why didn’t the authorities just speak up and say, the doctor’s care and the patient’s care by the center was not below the standard of care, and close the matter? Who was weighing-in that dragged this thing on for two months?


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