Dr Jan’s Blog Novel-Correcting the Record

Dear Ms. Ethel: Thank you for your input, and question:”Funny I have only one question, where was Dr. West’s son in all of this?”

Unfortunately, to answer this appropriately, I would have to relay parts of some of the conversations I had with Donda West, and it’s neither appropriate nor professional for me to do that. I will not violate doctor-patient privilege.

I will say that in this matter Kanye West is a victim; he lost his mother, and deserves all our respect and support.

Let’s continue on with the story, by the time we’re finished, you will have answers to all your questions:


November 13, 2007-21:00 ET


Larry King:  “Harvey, What do we know?”

Harvey Levin: “Well…we know a lot…You   had mentioned Aboolian…he said to her… “You have a medical condition, and I’m not going to operate on you without this note.”

 But now we have a coroner’s report and not just Harvey’s word. In reality Harvey didn’t know a lot. He didn’t know anything about the patient, her supposed medical condition (or he would have said it), or the purpose of the so-called note. And apparently, neither did Aboolian. He claimed to be her doctor and yet he didn’t even get the information from a live person, which the coroner got after the patient was dead. At what level was his consultation? He didn’t even know, as was demonstrated in the coroner’s report on TMZ’s own website that the patient had been seen and cleared by physicians at Cedar Sinai Hospital.

 Harvey continues:  “We Know…I spoke with the doctor last night…Dr. Adams is sup…

Larry King (interrupting): You spoke with the doctor?

 Harvey Levin: “Yes…and he called me…I had left a message and he called me back…he was upset with Dr. Aboolian.

 Larry King, who has been doing this for more than fifty years, is trying to help Levin establish some credibility? It’s TV.  If Larry is going to keep his audience interested, he has to give them something immediately. Levin is fumbling and has yet to make a direct point for the audience, at least one that came from me. Larry, in a sense is saying come on Harvey; get to it. We brought you here because you said you talked with the doctor. You’re telling us about Aboolian and frankly, we don’t care about him. He didn’t do the surgery.

Larry King: So, what did the doctor say?

Harvey Levin never gets to it, because he doesn’t have it, and as I pointed out, when he finally does, he lies. I didn’t call Harvey Levin, and I certainly didn’t call him back. I called my answering service- a minute point I would add, but it speaks volumes as to the accuracy of the reporting. I also wasn’t “upset” with Aboolian. How could I be? I didn’t know him or what he was supposed to have said. The first I had heard of him was when Harvey mentioned him for “verification”.

 Harvey Levin: What we know happened is that she was in surgery for eight hours. It should have taken four.

(Pay particular attention to Harvey Levin’s last statement.)

 Let’s take a look at the anesthesia record, the operative note, or the nursing notes; all are a part of the Coroner’s report which was posted on TMZ’s website. All, including the narrative of the coroner’s investigator, demonstrate an operative time of less than five and a half hours (from 12:30 pm to 6:00pm). THE OPERATION TOOK FIVE AND ONE-HALF HOURS, NOT EIGHT. Harvey was wrong. Where was Harvey getting his information? He was not getting it from me the surgeon. He had misled Larry King and the rest of America by saying he had talked with me (which was true) but he was relaying information that clearly didn’t come from me (which is also very true). Harvey was using an old tabloid trick to fool the public and the rest of the media. By referencing his statements in conjunction with the declaration that “he talked with me”, Harvey, was attempting to paint a picture that his lies and opinions were, in fact, coming from me. I think it’s fair to say I would have known the length of the operation. I would not have told him something untrue to make myself look bad. If a surgeon is going to tell you about a procedure he performed, I can guarantee his recollection of time will be shorter, not longer, than the actual operation.

What was happening on national and worldwide TV, under the bastardization of our constitution and the First Amendment, and with the help of CNN and Larry King, was Harvey Levin defaming a surgeon with false information. Being a lawyer Harvey was careful to say “I am told that”, but being a whore he was suggesting that unsubstantiated, false and inappropriate conclusions on his part, based solely on uneducated conjectures, were in fact coming from a conversation he had with me, which is nothing more than a lie. More importantly, it demonstrates where all the information, that Brad Rose and the rest of West’s attorneys were trying to attribute to me, was coming from. If you are the family sitting in the waiting room, a five hour operation may seem like eight, cause you don’t get to see, or take into account the preparation. Harvey was reporting information coming from the family, and attributing it to me. He is a liar, plain and simple.

Harvey went on to say the surgery “should have taken four” hours.

Where did he get that? Not from me. In fact, now that we do have a coroner’s report, and know what procedures she had, I challenge Harvey or anyone else to query plastic surgeons and produce five who could get that done in less than five and a half hours.

 Realistically, I’m not certain the length of time a surgeon takes to do an operation directly correlates with how well it is being performed. Different surgeons have different routines. Yet Levin, in his surgical wisdom, concluded, then suggested to Larry King and a worldwide audience that it meant something was “drastically wrong”. Yet if you watch closely it becomes evident that Levin obviously didn’t know at this time exactly what procedures this patient had performed on her. And, if you didn’t know the procedure she had (because the doctor never discussed it with you), how could you possibly know how long it was suppose to take?

Worse yet, Harvey Levin’s lies would serve as the foundation (and the posture) for all stories to come. Mr Levin was wrong on all accounts, the length of the operation and what it meant. He presented his uninformed, unsubstantiated, and inaccurate declaration as fact. His reporting, his take, and his lies weren’t even in the same room as the truth.

But Harvey wasn’t done.  He bastardizes the notion that he has some higher authoritative source-which he never identifies- to lend credence to these uninformed, whimsical lies which have no basis in reality.

Harvey Levin: I’m told she should have gone to a recovery center… this is a pretty big operation. She didn’t, and she may not have gone because she had this condition…they may not have wanted her there because she was high risk.

 Harvey’s purpose here appears to be twofold: First by attributing obviously false statements to some unidentified someone else he is attempting to avoid any legal issues: after all, he didn’t say it; it is what he was told. And secondly, he’s attempting to establish credibility for his own lies, by reassuring us that this source somewhere is somehow credible.

The questions though for Harvey are as follows: Told by whom? What constitutes a pretty big operation? And if it is pretty big, what operation did she have? What condition does she have? Who are they that may not have wanted her there? And, if you don’t know what she supposedly has, how on earth could you have considered it high risk?

This last statement made by Harvey Levin on Larry King Live is so ridiculous and irresponsible it rises to the level of an anti-concept. It demonstrates once again that Harvey didn’t know a lot, and in fact didn’t know anything. He is not only lying to Larry King and his viewing audience, one has to wonder what lies he must have shared with the producers in order to get this far.

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