Dr Jan’s Blog Novel- Untitled:Correcting the Record

   Dear Glodean White: Thank you for your comment. You are right: a mother’s wisdom and I hear you clearly. Hate is too strong a word, and it is not accurate. As a doctor, I always want to encourage people and give them information they can use. Both pathology and radiology are integral to thatContinue reading “Dr Jan’s Blog Novel- Untitled:Correcting the Record”

Dr.Jan’s Blog Novel- Untitled:Correcting the Record

It was cold, bone-chilling cold, and wet, and…dark… eerily dark. Eerily so because it was only 3:45 in the afternoon. Ice, that had formed on the bare lifeless branches of the trees, dripped black moisture onto the mirror-like streets below. The street lights, prematurely on, only added to the scene as they cast long, imposingContinue reading “Dr.Jan’s Blog Novel- Untitled:Correcting the Record”

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